In Memoriam

Churches and religion, in general, are moving further and further away from public consciousness. If even before the 20th century, the church playes a significant part in the life of the average person, then later on it definitely changed. In all countries, a general secular education appeared, and the church completely lost a vital part of its strength. Now the church has an excellent opportunity to become a center in which charitable activities take place. Any church has always done this, but now there are also convenient modern tools, and charity is the best that the church can do now. Also, the church can start and promote courses in which it has an option to talk about itself, or how to become a volunteer at the base of the nearest temple, and so on. There are many platforms on which to create beautiful online courses and distribute them by mail or link. Everything goes online now and churches should follow the trend and share knowledge in the form of online courses. Mini-course can substitute a welcoming brochure.

Do you believe in God? Faith and spirituality are important for many people. God is the personification of all we deem to be good. For some, the Bible provides the wisdom they have been looking for but could not find in other sources. Others simply want to be comforted. Writing services are crucial when it comes to religion. You have to document your message properly. As with any kind of writing, like writing essays, the way to express your motivation and teachings is what decides if many people will read it or not. Essays can also express your faith in God and why you choose to believe when so many reject such wisdom. Essays can help spread the good word and reach out to all those who are lost and don’t know where to turn for light. As well have heard before, seek, and you shall find. If you’re not a believer – a great essay might just change your mind.

Mar 022014
In Memoriam
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Statehood Quarters Quiz

It has been over fourteen years since the first state quarter was released (January 1, 1999 – Delaware). All fifty are in circulation with Hawaii being the last state quarter minted in 2008. Despite their unique artwork, they generally go unnoticed; it is just a quarter, but they do have similarities among them. See if …more

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Quotes on Leadership Part 3

The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind in other men the conviction and the will to carry on.” — Walter Lippmann I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” — Winston Churchill When you come into the presence of a leader of men, you know that you have …more

This Month in History

The X-100, Kennedy Limo This month, we mark the 50th anniversary of one of the most dramatic — and traumatic — turning points in American history: November 22, 1963, the 35th President of the United States was assassinated while riding with his wife in the back seat of an open, midnight blue convertible limo. Half a century …more

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Oct 292013

God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply. — Hudson Taylor Joy is the by-product of obedience. — Unknown If you do not connect with others, influence is out of the question. — Greg Schaffer While we live we must be moving on. When we stop we begin to die. Rest is …more

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Oct 292013
Word Search

When we pray and call on God, we normally refer to him as, “Father”, but He has many names that describe his characteristics. Can you find the titles we have hidden in this month’s word search? Go further, and research them or give to your children’s church / youth group; they will be amazed at …more

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This Month in History

October 1 331 B.C., Alexander the Great defeated Darius III of Persia at the battle of Gaugamela. 1800, Spain ceded the territory of Louisiana to France. 1880, John P. Sousa became leader of the U.S. Marine Corps Band. October 2 1187, Saladin’s siege of Jerusalem ends recapturing the city from Crusaders. October 3 1835, the …more

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America's sin in forgetting God

By Evangelist Joseph T. Larsen America’s greatest sin and the real cause of the present depression is forgetting God. That means failure to obey God, to listen to His Word, and to bring up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Godlessness leads to disregard for law, corruption in politics, fraud in …more

Oct 082013
Decline and fall

The following conditions were researched and found to be the undermining of a great world power. How illuminating, these observations made by Edward Gibbon, who, after twenty years of study and research, published his work and hallmarked these five conditions for the fall of this nation. The rapid increase of divorce; the undermining of the …more

Noteworthy phrases and aphorisms


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