Aug 302013

I saw in a dream that I was in the Celestial City — though when and how I got there I could not tell. I was one of the multitude which no man could number, from all countries, people, times and ages. Somehow I found that the saint who stood next to me had been […]

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Aug 302013
The Joy of Sunrise

Written by Phil Ware, April 24, 2000 As a young man, it was the worst night of my life! Worse than being up all night with the stomach virus. Worse than smoking twenty cheap cigars to impress a high school buddy. Worse than freezing and wheezing in sub-teen temperature on a hunting trip. It was […]

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Jul 292013

“And the Apostles said unto the Lord, increase our faith.” Luke 17:5 Prayer is the expression of need. The earnestness of prayer is evidence of the appreciation of what is asked for. The Apostles are in the presence of the Source of all good from whom many and great things may be received; but that […]

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Jul 292013

Why are Dalmatians associated with Firehouses? Dalmatians were used as coach dogs. A coach dog was a large breed of dog having a smooth white coat with black or brown spots, having originated in Dalmatia, a region of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, being very mountainous and having many islands. These dogs were used to […]

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Jul 252013

Since a revival can never lay hold upon the world until it has first laid hold on the church, the need then is for the fountain of sin to be stopped up in the church. Christians who have fallen prey to sin must be brought to repentance. They must have their faith renewed. Before the […]

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Jun 262013

For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.” Psalm 48:14 The world passes away. Everything here in this present world is changing. A rope of sand, a spider’s web, a silken thread, a passing shadow, an ebbing wave, are the most fitting and expressive emblems […]

Jun 262013

By Rev. Russell H. Conwell The highest ambition of every preacher should be to inaugurate at once the greatest revival of the new century. The militant church should sweep into the new century with the shout of victory. There is much in our Zion that ought to be cast overboard before we drop anchor in […]

Jan 252013

Below are a few mental exercises that may challenge your mind as we enter the new year. First a history quiz, and then a word puzzle; it cannot get any more exertive than that! Since it is January, the first quiz is appropriately called: Firsts With a new year comes many new “firsts”. Can you […]

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