Apr 122012

The new Pavilion at the NTCC National Campground has a new hat! The Pavilion is nowhere near finished, but it will be ready for the upcoming Conference! The Pavilion lies foursquare and is 50′ X 50′. The supporting structures will also be wrapped in the same metal used on the roof. Due to arrive soon is a shipment of 8-large picnic tables made of steel and dipped in a protective coating that also match the burgundy color scheme. The pallet of firebrick you see is for the BBQ pit they’re about to build right in the center; did you notice the vent on the roof? It can also be used as a simple fireplace just for fellowship. It has metal grates inside it; one for wood or charcoal, and one for food (upper level grate). Eventually stone, sitting-walls will be added at its perimeter with outlets for electrical devices, but for this meeting coming up there is electric available only at the one panel you see in the photos. Bring a boom-box! Or bring that 8′ tall amplifier and guitar if you like. For lighting, it’s going to be Tiki-torches this time, which also keep the bugs away. Nearby is acreage for almost any kind of recreation you desire, and two volleyball areas will be set up. Note that hours of usage will be limited to off-hours. No Pavilion recreational activities may be conducted during church, prayer meetings and conference activities. Enjoy a fireside chat, some singing and fellowship ’round the campfire! Relax, catch up with old friends, pray and be inspired at Spring Conference 2012: The Lamb has Overcome!

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