Jul 182013
Tag_Sale_SignIt’s that season — for selling your stuff! Whether you call it a yard sale, thrift, rummage or garage sale, it all totals up to one thing; getting paid to have someone haul away the items you couldn’t live without. Since the warm weather began, the signs have been in bloom at corners everywhere. Here are some facts regarding yard sales; do the quiz and see what treasure you may find!


1. On an average, how many yard sales are operated in one week in the U.S.?

a. 50,000

b. 160,000

c. 210,000

d. 3,500

2. From those weekly garage sales, how many people find a wonderful and necessary item and buy it?

a. 2

b. 20,000

c. 65,000

d. 690,000

3. Many treasure hunters find an item of great value in a rummage sale and in turn, they will re-sell it on e-Bay. What is the average profit margin made by the seller for selling their treasure on eBay?

a. 50%

b. 100%

c. 250%

d. 462%

4. According to statistics, the best time to start a garage sale is ___

a. 8:00 am

b. 8:30 am

c. 9:00 am

d. 7:00 am


Yard sale in Durham, North Carolina

5. Craigslist.org advertises Garage Sales every day. Do you know how many garage sales are listed on Craigslist in one week?

a. 8,500

b. 50,000

c. 95,000

d. 124,000

6. Which day is the best to have a rummage sale?

a. Friday

b. Saturday

c. Thursday

d. Sunday

7. The total number of items sold in a week of garage sales tops out at over ____ ?

a. 275,000

b. 890,000

c. 4.9 million

d. 6.5 million

8. In one week, the estimated total dollar amount from what was sold in yard sales reaches ___ dollars.

a. $890,000

b. $1.3 million

c. $4.2 million

d. $11 million

9. One of the reasons people enjoy shopping at the neighbors garage sale is to get a look at all of the junk they’re selling. Another reason is because of the low prices that make it nearly impossible to pass up something from that ‘everything is a quarter on this table’ pile. What is the average price for an item sold from a yard sale?

a. 58 cents

b. 77 cents

c. 85 cents

d. 61 cents



Check your answers.

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