Jun 302012

Queued up for this quick and quirky ‘Q’-uiz? This is a quest to see if you have the right answer for each question.

1. Quorum

A. designer cologne for men
B. minimum number of members needed
C. advanced calculus formula
D. contracted term for quartering a hog

2. Quook

A. past tense of quake
B. burglar
C. colloquial term for a ‘quick baker’
D. extinct specie of waterfowl, resembling a rook

3. Quonset

A. Algonquin Indian word
B. semi-cylindrical shaped building
C. set of four matching dishes
D. card game which also uses a spinner and dice

4. Qi gong

A. first name of a Star Wars™ character
B. Chinese energy exercise
C. nearly silent, heavy bronze gong
D. Tibetan restaurant chain in San Francisco bay area

5. Qibla

A. point at which Muslims pray towards
B. ‘bible’ in spanish
C. name of an Arabic alphabet character
D. Korean version of Keebler

6. Quintessential

A. five times the cost or value of any item
B. fifth and final consecutive concert, opera or musical performance
C. purest essence of an idea, or most perfect example of
D. absolutely necessary items needed

7. Quintole

A. five musical notes to be played in the time of four
B. small English cottage having five rooms
C. Italian version of the banjo, resembling a violin
D. small village in Italy just east of Firenze (Florence)

8. Quokka

A. oxfords made from a furry animal hide
B. small shore bird of Baja California
C. short-tailed wallaby of Australia
D. small alien species in Star Wars™ books

9. Quotidian

A. daily, or reappearing daily
B. newspaper from Miami, Florida
C. a daily stock market report
D. medical term for ‘four times daily’

10. Quogue

A. clog, blockage or barrier
B. small village in Suffolk County, New York
C. appetizer made from roe, shallots and capers
D. complete set of volumes or catalogues

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