In a beautiful ravin in one of our mountains, is a range of grand old rocks, like a strong and massive wall, standing as they have stood for ages, looking down unmoved on the many changes they have seen. One of these old gray rocks always attracts attention. Tall, straight and imposing it rises before you, but looking more closely you see that it is split through the center. You can see where the crack began, and that the two parts, now separated, would still fit into each other perfectly. The cleft must have been made long ago, for mosses and little ferns are growing on the sides which were once so firmly united. It was made very slowly. At first there was only a little crack, and a small stone would have filled it up. But the little crack grew wider and deeper and longer very slowly, and the work was done at last. Now for all time those two parts will stand there, each so strong and so near, and yet they will never be one inch nearer.

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