Ribbons – an amazingly effective way to keep children interested
by Mike

Little Girl Painting in ClassThe class had just finished playing a game, during the course of the game each of the kids had received an index card with the name of a Bible character. As the game ended one of the children asked, “May we keep the cards?” and soon all of the kids wanted to keep their index cards as well. Since then, I’ve seen this same scenario replayed many times. Children love to bring home small tokens that they’ve acquired through participating in Sunday school.

Think about your class structure, are there places you could weave in some free give-a-ways? Buy or create small ribbons that can be handed out for class participation, successfully reciting Bible passages, attendance or a slew of other reasons. You’ll be amazed to see how long the kids will keep the ribbons and how they will use them to decorate their Bible book covers. Make the ribbons unique and the kids will want to collect all of them. Kids are competitive by nature and will want to see who can collect the most ribbons.

Ribbons are almost as good as trophies. The kids love them and will show their prizes to others. This is an effective way to keep children interested in coming back to Sunday school, encourages participation, and enhances the visibility of your Sunday school class to kids who may or may not be currently attending your church or Sunday school.

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