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Broken Wooden BridgeA Blessed Revelation

How often, as we hurry on to ruin, God sends some flash of light to show us our peril. And how foolish that poor sinner who persistently closes his eyes to such revelations, and hastens on to his death?

A young cavalry officer had been commissioned by the Duke of Wellington to carry an important message along the passes of the Pyrenees. It was a dangerous undertaking. There was one very deep ravine, over which he must cross by a narrow wooden bridge. He thought he had reached it, but his horse refused to proceed. He coaxed it, and then lashed it with the broadside of his sword. It still refused to move forward, when a vivid flash of lightning revealed him his dangerous position; they were just on the verge of the awful ravine, and the bridge was several yards lower down. That flash of lightning saved him. O that warning lights might result in the salvation of our precious souls.

Author Unknown
Strength in Communion

A mother who lived to an old age, used to tell much about the “Mount of Vision.” When she was a young mother, she had all her own housework to do, and a large family made constant demands upon her time and strength.

“I had so much work in the valley,” she said to us, “that if it had not been for the ‘Mount of Vision,’ I could not have possessed my soul in patience. When I became impatient and inclined to be what many of us call ‘nervous,’ ready to speak quick words and pass unjust judgment, I would go alone into my bedroom, and shutting the door, tell it all to Jesus. That room was my ‘Mount of Vision,’ for I always saw with a clearer light my weakness, and received strength from the Lord to administer my government in the home with equity and more of a Christlike spirit.”

Author Unknown
Reward of Work

That was an eloquent speech of Henry VI of France, when on the eve of battle, he said to his soldiers:

Gentlemen, you are Frenchmen, I am your King. There is the enemy!”

Jesus Christ said, “You are my people; I am your leader. There is the foe!” How shall we dare to do anything unworthy of such a Lord as He is, or of such a citizenship as that which He has bestowed upon us?

C. H. Spurgeon
One Thing is Needful

The fly on the Bible [fly-removed]

It is said that when Alexander Duff was on his voyage to India with a large quantity of excellent baggage, including a splendid library of more than eight-hundred volumes, the ship on which he was sailing was wrecked off the Cape of Good Hope, and when the rescued passengers reached the shore the only thing of all his baggage that was saved was a Bible that the waves had washed upon the sands; and as he picked it up and removed the wrapping he found it was perfectly uninjured. He was so deeply touched by the incident that he opened it, and read some of its precious promises to the little company that stood around him on the shore. All his splendid books had perished, but the Bible remained as the only salvage of the wreck. To him it was a beautiful figure of that which afterwards became the object of his life, that the Bible was the only book that would remain out of the world’s literature, and the only book which was worth giving to India — the land for which he was going forth to live and die.

Author Unknown
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