How to Keep Faith Bright

A woman who was showing a massive piece of family silver apologized as she took it from the cupboard, “Dreadfully tarnished!” she said, “I can’t keep it bright unless I use it.” That is just as true of faith as it is of silver. Tucked away in the “Sunday closet of the soul,” and only brought out for show, it needs apology. You can’t keep faith bright unless you use it.

— Unknown

The Link

Your salvation comes, not because your faith saves you, but because it links you to the Savior who saves, and your believing is really nothing but the link.

— W. B. Knight

His Job

Sometimes we think that we are doing the Lord a favor when we carry the burden. But the work is His, and the burden is His, and He asks us only to be faithful.

— Isaac Page

Regulated by God!

“I have no hesitation in saying, that at least ninety percent of astronomers have reached the conclusion that the universe is not the result of any blind law, but is regulated by a great Intelligence.”

— Prof. C. A. Chant, professor of Astro Physics at Toronto University


Think too Much