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Hebrews 2:9

Some people are very fond of sight-seeing. Many miles will they travel, and much money will they spend—to see anything new and rare! And yet after all they prove the truth of Solomon’s words, “The eye is not satisfied with seeing.” Besides which, we soon weary of looking upon any created object—however grand, magnificent, or beautiful.

Well, I am fond of using my eyes too. I love to look upon the wondrous works of God, and the ingenious works of man. I can enjoy a beautiful landscape, or a sight of the starry Heavens, as well as most people.

But some years ago, one object…

attracted my eye,
fixed my attention,
  • and feasted my soul; and it has done so ever since.

I have never wearied of it, nor do I believe I ever shall. That object is Jesus.

Jesus—who is the brightness of God’s glory;
Jesus—who is the only begotten of the Father;
Jesus—who is the only and all-sufficient Savior;
Jesus—who is full of grace and truth.

To see Jesus—is to enjoy the greatest, the best, the most glorious sight in the universe! For he is the visible Jehovah, the express image of his Father, who in his person, work, and word—reveals his Father’s mind.

Other sights are expensive—this is free.

To see other sights we must travel far—this may be seen from any spot where we are.

Other sights in time become common, and fail to impress us—but this sight is always fresh, always new, always a celestial feast to the soul.

Seeing Jesus, we rise above our fears, above our troubles, above death itself!

Excerpt from “We See Jesus” by James Smith, 1860
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  1. Thanks that was such a blessing!