Let us go down to the core. The only basis of good character, is a renewed heart — a heart in which Jesus Christ lives, a heart which is in the habit of obeying Christ’s commandments. Such a man draws his motives of action from his deep, abiding love to Jesus. Up from the very roots — comes his daily devotion to those things which are pure and honest and lovely and of good report. Rooted into Christ, he is not easily shaken. He does not bend to trickery or yield to temptation. The world cannot move such a man. What does he care for its changing, frivolous fashions; his fashion is to do the will of his holy Master.

An honest, consistent, Godly character, is a sermon all the week. The Godly Christian — pure of heart and unspotted by the world — is the best preacher of the gospel. The revival which is most urgently needed, is a revival of practical godliness. Sunday preaching is not enough; we need more “sermons all through the week.”

By Theodore Cuyler, excerpt from the “Wayside Springs from the Fountain of Life” 1883

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