1. Who was born in Bethlehem? Sunday School

a. Zacchaeus
b. Benjamin
c. Jonah
d. Jesus

2. What baby grew up to receive the Ten Commandments?

a. Abraham
b. Benjamin
c. Noah
d. Moses

3. This boy had eleven brothers but he was his Dad’s favorite, and made him a very colorful coat. What is the name of this boy?

a. Samson
b. Benjamin
c. Joseph
d. Abel

4. She was chosen by the king to be his queen and there is a book in the Bible named for her.

a. Sarah
b. Jezebel
c. Esther
d. Hannah

5. Jesus fed five-thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Where did he get the bread and fish?

a. Pizza Hut
b. the grocery store
c. a boy’s lunch
d. Leftovers from the Passover feast

6. Mary and Joseph were going to have a baby. They were told by an angel to name the baby this certain name. What is the name of their baby?

a. Johnny
b. Jesus
c. David
d. Mosais

7. Jesus had twelve disciples. One turned out to be a thief. Who was the thief?

a. Thomas
b. Pilate
c. Judas Iscariot
d. Herod

8. When the Israelites were traveling through the desert, God gave them food to eat from Heaven. What was it?

a. Chickens and biscuits
b. Burgers and fries
c. Manna
d. Matzoh

9. One of God’s prophets tried to run away so he bought a ticket on a boat. Because of his disobedience, there was a bad storm on the sea. He was thrown overboard and swallowed up. What what his name?

a. Jeremiah
b. Nicodemus
c. Jonah
d. Peter

10. Peter was one of the twelve disciples and walked on the water. But one day he chickened out and lied. He denied that he even knew who Jesus was. How many times did he tell his lie?

a. Once
b. Twice
c. Three times
d. Four or more


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