Jun 302012

We see the same thing all around us. Look at the tops of the mountains. They represent pride. Nothing grows there. See how bare and barren they are! And then look at the quiet, low-lying valleys. They represent humility. And see how beautiful they are in their greenness and fertility! The highest branches of the vine or tree represent pride. You find no fruit on them. The low branches represent humility. These you will find bending down with the load of rich, ripe fruit that hangs upon them.

A farmer went with his son into the wheat-field to see if it was ready for the harvest. “See, father,” said the boy, “how straight those stems hold up their heads! They must be the best ones. Those that hang down their heads, as if they were ashamed, can’t be good for much, I’m sure.”

Apple-TreeThe farmer plucked a stalk of each kind, and said, “Look here, foolish child. This stalk that stood up so straight is light-headed, and almost good for nothing; while this that hung its head so modestly is full of the most beautiful grain.”

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