May 142012
1. Exegesis

A. An explanation in detail
B. Scientific report on the book of Genesis
C. Scientific word for when a creature emerges from its egg
D. Former band member from a British rock music group

2. Incredulous

A. fragrant, delicious, desirable
B. boastful, proud, arrogant
C. unwilling to believe, faithless, distrustful
D. zippy, quick, spontaneous

3. Inflection

A. contaminant resistant fluid produced by the body
B. deviation, bend, change
C. complicated assembly instructions
D. when a party invades another

4. Parsippany

A. a root vegetable resembling a white carrot
B. thriftiness, almost miserly when it comes to spending money
C. a division which a bishop is an overseer of
D. a town in upper New Jersey

5. Krakatoa

A. similar to gout, a painful condition of the big toe knuckle
B. tropical nut, similar to a Brazil nut
C. volcano between Sumatra and Java
D. bold roast coffee flavor from Indonesia

6. Ostensible

A. harsh, rude, insulting
B. idiotic, foolish, wasteful
C. pretending, apparent, white-wash, masking
D. extremely safe, feasible, nearly foolproof, wise

7. Incorrigible

A. an inflatable lighter-than-air flying contraption, a blimp
B. not easily changed, or beyond change
C. an island at the mouth of Manila Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands
D. flexible, similar to al dente lasagna noodles, not rigid

8. Gregarious

A. friendly, outgoing, one who enjoys socializing
B. huge, enormous, grotesque, bizarre
C. dialectic language of Eastern Europeans bordering Georgia and Hungary
D. a flower specie sold for its large bright red or pink flowers

9. Splendiferous

A. nonsensical made-up word
B. scientific, but mis-used word for a chemical compound containing iron
C. bright and grand, resplendent, magnificent
D. spongy, porous, loosely woven, cheap, low quality

10. Onomatopoeia

A. communicable disease closely resembling the flu and mono
B. a word that sounds like what it says
C. botanical name of the pink peony flower
D. a theoretically unified one world language and social order, similar to a utopia

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