Jan 282013
1909 Anecdotes

A Blessed Revelation How often, as we hurry on to ruin, God sends some flash of light to show us our peril. And how foolish that poor sinner who persistently closes his eyes to such revelations, and hastens on to his death? A young cavalry officer had been commissioned by the Duke of Wellington to …more

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A wicked, drunken woman, in one of our large cities, was attracted into a church on Sunday evening and was converted to Christ. The Pastor of the church went to see her husband, and found him to be a very shrewd mechanic, who was very bitter against Christianity, and greatly fascinated with Ingersoll’s sneers at …more

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In a beautiful ravin in one of our mountains, is a range of grand old rocks, like a strong and massive wall, standing as they have stood for ages, looking down unmoved on the many changes they have seen. One of these old gray rocks always attracts attention. Tall, straight and imposing it rises before …more

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Sep 072012

A clergyman wrote a wealthy and influential business man requesting a subscription to a worthy charity. He promptly received a curt refusal which ended by saying, “As far as I can see, this ‘Christian’ business, is just one continuous give, give, give.” After a brief interval, the clergyman answered, “I wish to thank you for …more

Aug 102012
Get a Transfer
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Think on These Things

Chicken–or eagle? By J.R. Miller “Things That Endure” A man had an eagle which had grown up among the barnyard hens. For a time the bird seemed content to be only a chicken. But one day it looked up into the sky, and something within the eagle, sleeping until now, awoke. Flapping its wings, it …more

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Selections from The Homilist

Little Things We do not live a day at a time but moment by moment; we do not in journeying, pass over a mile at a step; but only a few inches; we do not write a book or page at a stroke of the pen; but letter by letter. The sculptor does not produce …more

Jun 302012
Pride and Humility

We see the same thing all around us. Look at the tops of the mountains. They represent pride. Nothing grows there. See how bare and barren they are! And then look at the quiet, low-lying valleys. They represent humility. And see how beautiful they are in their greenness and fertility! The highest branches of the …more

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What About YOUR Faith?

How to Keep Faith Bright A woman who was showing a massive piece of family silver apologized as she took it from the cupboard, “Dreadfully tarnished!” she said, “I can’t keep it bright unless I use it.” That is just as true of faith as it is of silver. Tucked away in the “Sunday closet …more

Too Old to Be Useful

“Well, it is a pleasant sight to see young people actively engaged in doing good!” said an old lady, as she watched from her parlor window some of her grand-children setting forth on their weekly errands of mercy to the poor and afflicted. Yes; it was a pleasant sight to look upon these youthful Christians, …more