Mar 022014
In Memoriam
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It is amazing to watch the Holy Ghost move in the hearts and lives of men and women. As I thought about what God has done, my mind went to a young man straight from Basic Training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training). He shared with me, “I was walking up the stairs to my barracks …more

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I have finished my course...

  The Reverend Timothy Hasty born on October 23, 1964; achieved his crown on May 30, 2012. A loving husband, father, Pastor and above all a brother beloved. Pastor Hasty’s commitment to his high-calling, and love for his flock to the very end of his earthly life will never cease to inspire and challenge us. …more

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NTCS Class of 2012, We salute you!

Top row: Harley DuMars, Edison Justiniano III, Michael Mayo, James Roddy, Carlos De Freitas, Eric Rogi, Kweli Talbott, Andrew Crawford Second row: Darryl Stone, Matthew Meinecke, Jomar Tise, Robert Hicks, David Tieman Jr. [Legacy], Jorge Martinez, Andrè Champion Third row: Isaac Campos Jr., Diana Campos, Stacy Campos, Sandra Justiniano, Wanda Roy, Sonya Punzalan, Sean Perez …more

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Apr 122012
Do you like my hat?

The new Pavilion at the NTCC National Campground has a new hat! The Pavilion is nowhere near finished, but it will be ready for the upcoming Conference! The Pavilion lies foursquare and is 50′ X 50′. The supporting structures will also be wrapped in the same metal used on the roof. Due to arrive soon …more

 Pavilion UP! Lookin' good for Spring Conference