Oct 292013
Word Search

When we pray and call on God, we normally refer to him as, “Father”, but He has many names that describe his characteristics. Can you find the titles we have hidden in this month’s word search? Go further, and research them or give to your children’s church / youth group; they will be amazed at …more

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Sep 262013
Word Search Puzzle
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Aug 222013
Word Puzzle
Jul 292013
Word Search Puzzle
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May 242013
Word Search:

Check your answers!

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Mar 312013
Easter Word Search


Nov 132012
Autumn Word Search

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State and National Parks Word Search


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Jul 312012
Summer Puzzle

Yes, summer hit with vengeance this year, but let’s try and get our minds off of the heat; here is a word search with words associated with the season, can you find them all? Click here for answers.

Valentine Word Search

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, what hidden surprises do you have for that special loved one? Search the heart, you may find some ideas. Click the link below for the answers: Valentine Word Search Answers