This Month in History

The X-100, Kennedy Limo This month, we mark the 50th anniversary of one of the most dramatic — and traumatic — turning points in American history: November 22, 1963, the 35th President of the United States was assassinated while riding with his wife in the back seat of an open, midnight blue convertible limo. Half a century …more

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This Month in History

October 1 331 B.C., Alexander the Great defeated Darius III of Persia at the battle of Gaugamela. 1800, Spain ceded the territory of Louisiana to France. 1880, John P. Sousa became leader of the U.S. Marine Corps Band. October 2 1187, Saladin’s siege of Jerusalem ends recapturing the city from Crusaders. October 3 1835, the …more

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This Month in History

September 1 1864, Atlanta, Georgia falls to Union forces led by General William Sherman. Sherman’s Atlanta campaign was one of the most decisive victories of the Civil War. September 2 1666, the “Great Fire of London” broke out and burned for three days, destroying approximately 80% of the city. The fire raged uncontrollably due to …more

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This Month in History

August 1 1801, off the coast of Libya, the U.S. Navy’s USS Enterprise captured the Tripolitan polacca Tripoli. This was during the first Barbary wars or, Tripolitan War. August 3 1923, Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the thirtieth President of the United States upon the death of President Harding. August 4 1944, the Gestapo …more

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This Month in History

July 2 1992, thirty-nine years after its introduction, the one-millionth Corvette is built. July 3 1775, George Washington assumed command of the Continental Army. July 4 1976, the U.S. celebrated its Bicentennial with notable celebrations including a tall ships display in New York City’s harbor and a spectacular fireworks display. From coast to coast decorations …more

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This Month in History

June 1 1938, the first Superman comic was published. It sold for ten cents. Estimated top value for the comic today, in mint condition, is around $350,000. June 2 1969, during maneuvers at night, the destroyer USS Frank E. Evans was cut in half when it turned towards the Australian aircraft carrier Melbourne. The Evans …more

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The History of "Flag Day"

Did you know that Flag Day was first celebrated in Wisconsin? The “Stars and Stripes”, the official National symbol of the United States of America replaced the British symbols of the Grand Union flag with a new design. Authorized by the Continental Congress on that Saturday of June 14, 1777 in the fifth item of the …more

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This Month in History

May 1 1931, in Midtown Manhattan, at the corner of 5th Avenue and West 34th Street, the tallest building in the world was opened as the Empire State Building. It held the record for forty years until One World Trade Center was finished. Even though it is unfinished, the new One World Trade Center has …more

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This Month in History

April 2 1863, amidst the American Civil War, hundreds of women in the city of Richmond, Virginia began rioting in demand of a release of emergency food rations from the Confederate government. The event took on the name of the Richmond Bread Riot. The food shortage was due to farmers growing cotton and tobacco rather …more

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This Month in History

March 1 1803, Ohio is admitted as the 17th state to the U.S. 1872, Yellowstone Park is set aside as the nation’s first national park. March 2 1998, data sent back from the Galileo spacecraft indicated that a liquid ocean existed on the surface of one of Jupiter’s moons. March 3 1836, Texans celebrate their …more

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