Statehood Quarters Quiz

It has been over fourteen years since the first state quarter was released (January 1, 1999 – Delaware). All fifty are in circulation with Hawaii being the last state quarter minted in 2008. Despite their unique artwork, they generally go unnoticed; it is just a quarter, but they do have similarities among them. See if …more

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Jul 182013
Garage Sale Quiz

It’s that season — for selling your stuff! Whether you call it a yard sale, thrift, rummage or garage sale, it all totals up to one thing; getting paid to have someone haul away the items you couldn’t live without. Since the warm weather began, the signs have been in bloom at corners everywhere. Here …more

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Misquoted Scripture Quiz

So easy, any person could say it write? Check out these verses of scripture and identify the correct, from the misquoted. All correct scriptures used are from the King James version of the Bible. A. Psalm 23:1 The Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. …more

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Children’s Bible Quiz

1. Who was born in Bethlehem? a. Zacchaeus b. Benjamin c. Jonah d. Jesus 2. What baby grew up to receive the Ten Commandments? a. Abraham b. Benjamin c. Noah d. Moses 3. This boy had eleven brothers but he was his Dad’s favorite, and made him a very colorful coat. What is the name …more

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Jun 302012
Vocabulary Quiz

Queued up for this quick and quirky ‘Q’-uiz? This is a quest to see if you have the right answer for each question. 1. Quorum A. designer cologne for men B. minimum number of members needed C. advanced calculus formula D. contracted term for quartering a hog 2. Quook A. past tense of quake B. …more

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May 142012
Vocabulary Quiz

1. Exegesis A. An explanation in detail B. Scientific report on the book of Genesis C. Scientific word for when a creature emerges from its egg D. Former band member from a British rock music group 2. Incredulous A. fragrant, delicious, desirable B. boastful, proud, arrogant C. unwilling to believe, faithless, distrustful D. zippy, quick, …more

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