Nov 132012
The Witness

“And ye shall be witnesses unto me.” Acts 1:8 In order to learn how to discharge your duty as a witness for Christ, look at his example. He is always witnessing: by the well of Samaria, or in the Temple of Jerusalem: by the lake of Gennesaret, or on the mountain’s brow. He is witnessing …more

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By James Smith, “Food for the Soul” 1867 “And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem.” Luke 9:53 And Jesus well knew the sufferings which would befall Him there! But such was His zeal for God, and such His love to us–that He was willing to …more

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The Reluctance of God

God is greatly misunderstood by men. They treat Him as if He were not sincere in his denunciation of wrong-doers, because He does not visit upon them the desert of their sins. But one of the evidences of the Divine love for man is His reluctance to punish sinners. He says to sinful men that …more

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Nov 082012

The Fountain and Friend “Without Me you can do nothing.” John 15:5 Never attempt anything without looking to Jesus for power. You cannot—He can. You have destroyed yourself—in Him is your help found. It is only by receiving from Him, that you can . . . glorify God, adorn your profession, enjoy your privileges, obey …more

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Sep 072012
A Tear Fell

1 Pet. 1:8(a) We have never seen the glorified body of Jesus, but we have believed what His word declares of Him, and believing we love Him. As the only begotten Son of God, who was exalted, dignified, and glorified from everlasting; as the voluntary Saviour of poor lost sinners, who became incarnate, suffered, bled …more

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for they shall see God. Matt. 5:18 It is faith that purifies the heart; it brings home the atonement, and we enjoy pardon, peace, and reconciliation; it purges the conscience from dead works, and delivers us from all condemnation. It receives the truth of God, and Jesus through the truth; and we receive power to …more

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Sep 072012

A clergyman wrote a wealthy and influential business man requesting a subscription to a worthy charity. He promptly received a curt refusal which ended by saying, “As far as I can see, this ‘Christian’ business, is just one continuous give, give, give.” After a brief interval, the clergyman answered, “I wish to thank you for …more

Sep 072012

Pressed out of measure and pressed to all length. Pressed so intensely it seems beyond strength; Pressed in the body and pressed in the soul, Pressed in the mind till the dark surges roll; Pressed by foes, and pressured by friends; Pressure on pressure, till life nearly ends; Pressed into loving the staff and the …more

Seek Him in The Morning
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