Sep 302013

“Prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.” Amos 4(12)   There is a God; few in our times deny this. Science cannot satisfactorily account for nature without Him. He may be termed the Unknown and the Unknowable; but whatever He is, He is. He revealed Himself wonderfully in the history of Israel; hence He is …more

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Sep 262013
Word Search Puzzle
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Sep 262013
Leadership, Part 2

Our life is always deeper than we know, is always more divine than it seems, and hence we are able to survive degradations and despairs which otherwise must engulf us. — William James God calls us to pray and think and dream and plan and work, not to be made much of, but to make …more

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Sep 232013
Leadership, part 1

Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out. — Stephen Covey Most peopleʼs knowledge far outweighs their follow-through. Good leaders help people to overcome that tendency. — Unknown Of all the virtues, gratitude is probably the most neglected and least expressed. — John Maxwell People want encouragement more than …more

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This Month in History

September 1 1864, Atlanta, Georgia falls to Union forces led by General William Sherman. Sherman’s Atlanta campaign was one of the most decisive victories of the Civil War. September 2 1666, the “Great Fire of London” broke out and burned for three days, destroying approximately 80% of the city. The fire raged uncontrollably due to …more

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Aug 302013
Increase of Faith

“And the Apostles said unto the Lord, increase our faith.” Luke 17:5 Prayer is the expression of need. The earnestness of prayer is evidence of the appreciation of what is asked for. The Apostles are in the presence of the Source of all good from whom many and great things may be received; but that …more

Aug 302013

I saw in a dream that I was in the Celestial City — though when and how I got there I could not tell. I was one of the multitude which no man could number, from all countries, people, times and ages. Somehow I found that the saint who stood next to me had been …more

Aug 302013
The Joy of Sunrise

Written by Phil Ware, April 24, 2000 As a young man, it was the worst night of my life! Worse than being up all night with the stomach virus. Worse than smoking twenty cheap cigars to impress a high school buddy. Worse than freezing and wheezing in sub-teen temperature on a hunting trip. It was …more

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Is it Ketchup or Catsup?

It’s ‘ketchup’, even though the English sailors who brought it back from Singapore in the 1600’s didn’t have the slightest idea of how the word should be spelt. The original ketchup was the Chinese ke-tsiap, a pickled fish sauce. The Malays got hold of it and used the name kechup, only instead of using fish …more

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This Month in History

August 1 1801, off the coast of Libya, the U.S. Navy’s USS Enterprise captured the Tripolitan polacca Tripoli. This was during the first Barbary wars or, Tripolitan War. August 3 1923, Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the thirtieth President of the United States upon the death of President Harding. August 4 1944, the Gestapo …more

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