Jul 102013

There is a story told of a minister who asked a World War II veteran to speak in his church; this is what the ‘Ol GI said:

“Like a mighty army moves the church of God!”

The trouble is, about ten million men know exactly how an army moves. Suppose the army accepted the lame excuses that many of you think good enough for not attending church. Imagine this:

Reveille at 7 a.m., squads on the parade ground. The sergeant barks out, ‘Count four!’ (or all sound off!) ‘One, two, three…’ and four on was missing. “Where is Private Smith?”

“Smith was too sleepy to get up. He said to tell you he would be with you in spirit.”

“That’s fine,” says the sergeant, “so where’s Brown?”

“He’s playing golf. You know how important recreation is.”

“Sure, sure,” says the sergeant cheerfully, “hope he has a good game. Now, where is Robinson?”

“He is sorry, but he is entertaining guests today. Besides he was at drill last week.”

“Tell him he is welcome anytime he finds it convenient to drop in for drill.”

If any GI pulled that stuff, he would get twenty days in the brig. Yet you hear stuff like that every week in church!

“Like a mighty army!” Why, if this church moved like a mighty army, a lot of you folks would be court-martialed within an hour!”

Unknown author; originally published in the February 2003 Trumpet.