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By T. Jones

Pulpit“And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.” Acts 5:42

Do you ask, why we are continually preaching Christ, and dwelling on this one subject? We have a variety of reasons for this:

One is, we dwell upon it so much, because others mention it so little. There are many pulpits in the land in which Christ is not preached. You can bear me witness, beloved brethren, that I am not accustomed to bring a railing accusation against any; and I thank my God as far as I know my people, there is nothing of a spirit of disputation amongst them. What I have said may appear to some to be by way of proud comparison; but my God forbid it me, that I should ever speak in this spirit. No; the subject is one of deep lamentation and mourning; and let me tell you, where the Gospel is not preached, it is as much the fault of the people as of the minister. It is not made a matter of earnest prayer among the people, or it would not long be thus. I never knew an instance of earnest prayer in this case that was disappointed. Then pray more to God that he would send forth more laborers into his harvest; pastors according to his own heart. Let this never be forgotten by you at a mercy-seat.

Secondly, we preach Christ because there is salvation in no other. Can you then wonder that the sweet name of Jesus is so frequently upon our lips, so cheering to our hearts. If I were to preach to you of one who was very good and great, and yet, after all, no salvation in him for you, what would it profit you? Can we be tired of speaking, or you of hearing of this glorious name—JESUS? Go where you will, and try what you will beside, nothing but death and disappointment meet you.

Thirdly, we cease not to teach and to preach Jesus Christ, because we find in Jesus all that we can wish for, or enjoy, both for time and for eternity. We can find nothing that suits a sinner but in Christ. We find in him a safe and delightful refuge—a shadow, a defence, a treasury. Whom then should we preach but Him in whom all fulness dwells?

Fourthly, we preach Christ crucified in order to allure your souls to God. We may preach other things which may delight and gratify, but they can never do the sinner good. Oh! pray that the Spirit may shew you Christ. Study Christ every day. Look at his conduct towards his children. Nothing will break the bands of sin but a sight of Christ.

Fifthly, we preach Christ in order that your affections may be set upon him. Jesus is not slightly valued in heaven. To you also who believe, he is precious; the more you know him, the more you will love him.

Sixthly, we preach Christ because we have said so little about Him. After forty-seven years that I have been preaching Christ I am ashamed when I look back, and see how little, and how unworthily I have spoken of Him. I have only given you a few drops when an immense ocean lay before me—but a handful of corn from an abundant harvest. Like the spies sent into Canaan, who gave but a meagre report of the glory of the land of promise; I have told you but little of the glory of Christ. Oh, that one may be sent with a live coal from the altar, to touch my guilty lips, and enable me to speak of my Lord and Master as I have never yet spoken!

Again, we preach Christ because you need a constant supply from Him. We have often fed upon Him, and we still need to feed upon Him. The food you took yesterday will not satisfy your body today: neither will what we have already heard of Jesus satisfy us without hearing more.

We preach Christ to put down Antichrist. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal; in proportion as we establish the truth, error flies before us.

We preach Christ also because necessity is laid upon us; yea, woe be unto us if we preach him not. It is all the errand we have—all the Gospel we have. Take this away from me, and never again should my lips be opened to speak unto you.

Excerpt from “20th Century Pastor” 1904

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