My load’s a little lighter now,
Because you passed my way.
The sun’s a little brighter,
And the clouds have passed away.
I’ve found my Savior nearer,
And each day he grows still dearer,
And I’m on my way to Glory,
Because you passed my way.

I was lost and no one seemed to care,
Until you passed my way,
You saw me, and led me to Christ
Oh, what a happy day,
Now I’m living all for Jesus,
And with Him I’ll be some day,
For I found a new beginning,
Because you passed my way.

And when in realms of glory,
I see His precious face,
And hear the angel voices
Within that Heavenly place,
I’ll remember that a sinner,
Who once had gone astray,
Might not be there in Glory,
Had you not passed my way.

— Eleanor Taylor Rhodes