Apr 272012

By Arthur Pink


In the new birth:

God lays hold of one who is spiritually dead—and quickens him into newness of life!

God takes up one who was shaped in iniquity, and conceived in sin—and conforms him to the image of His Son!

God seizes a drudge of the Devil—and makes him a member of His holy family!

God picks up a destitute beggar—and makes him joint-heir with Christ!

God comes to one who is full of enmity against Him—and gives him a new heart that is full of love for Him!

God stoops to one who by nature is a rebel—and works in him both to will and to do of His good pleasure!

By His irresistible power, God transforms…

…a sinner into a saint;

…an enemy into His friend,

…a drudge of the Devil into His beloved child!

Excerpt from The Sovereignty of God