By William Plummer 1864

Saving faith is the great foster-parent of all that belongs to scriptural piety.

Faith begets…

true worship,
Godly fear,
devout thanksgiving,
genuine humility,
Christian boldness,
holy joy,
evangelical repentance,
enlarged liberality,
fervent love,
a pure conscience,
a holy life,
victory over the world,
eternal glory!

Faith gazes upon the cross until the course of the new nature is set on fire with heavenly love! Saving faith…

unites to Christ,
lays hold of salvation,
conquers every foe,
brings every blessing into the soul,
pronounces death abolished,
always begets humility,
is self-renouncing,
consents to be nothing,

that God may be all and in all,

excludes boasting,
is jealous for God’s honor,
brings forth forgiveness to enemies,
begets repentance,
nourishes other graces,
ever clings to the fullness of Christ,
kindles love to an unseen Savior,
is ever laying its crown at the feet of Immanuel,
puts things in their proper place,
abases the sinner in the dust,
sets God on the throne of universal dominion,
pronounces all God’s ways just and right,

counts all things as loss, for the excellency
of the knowledge of God’s dear Son!

Excerpted from Vital Godliness: A Treatise on Experimental and Practical Piety

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